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Welcome to the Guest Party of Six Blog!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Welcome to the Guest Party of Six blog! This page has been in process for quite some time, and it’s exciting to see it come into fruition.

The reason I wanted to write this blog was for a couple reasons. One, I have four children in my home, which I homeschool, so this is like having an adult conversation, even if I am typing it. Another, is that I believe women have one of the toughest jobs on the planet! Whether you work, stay at home, or like me do a little of both, it is extremely challenging. I would love to simply encourage you, cheer you on, and help in any way possible! I also want to share with you that Jesus will meet you wherever you are, forgive whatever you've done, and set your feet on higher ground! Life is hard, so why not come to a place where you can have a cup of coffee, read helpful tips, funny stories, and be reminded that God's grace and mercies are new every morning.

Here are a few, fun facts about myself that are not on the about me page. My husband is continuously teasing me about my work history. I am such a nerd! I absolutely love school and love to learn about tons of different topics. In college I worked in a manufacturing plant where I did their environmental audits, went back to school, worked in the Operating Room for twelve years, worked as a high school biology teacher, then worked in specialty surgical vet practice (only does surgeries like neuro, fractures, abdominal, etc. If you didn’t know that existed, neither did I until I was paid great money to do it.), and then I received my seminary degree and went to work on a church staff. So, as you can see there is quite the variety in my life, and I wouldn’t change it a bit. I have learned so many things from the different jobs I have worked over the years. It’s funny, what seemed like a collage of misfit jobs, God has sewn seamlessly together for a work He wants to complete in me!

Another favorite part of my studies is my nutrition knowledge. I am a totally crunchy girl, which means I like things organic. So absolutely I’m into my oils, supplements, and chemical free cleaning! No worries though I shower, use deodorant (natural), and live in a normal house! In all seriousness a health crisis sent me diving deep to learn how natural things could heal my body. I worked at the hospital at the time and they could not find the answer. I was blessed to see a naturopath, who was a godly man, that walked me back to health. After almost twenty years, I am still eating the way he taught me, supplementing, and reaping the benefits. So, you can bet I have plenty to share with you on the topic of nutrition.

Organizational and a minimalistic life style has really taken hold of my life in the last several years. I am a free spirit, while my husband was very A type personality. WOW! How have we survived all these years? I use to think a schedule, or being organized would make me stuffy, and absolutely no fun. Well i am here to say it has proven the opposite! When I have my days planned out now I have so much more room for spontaneity and fun! Who knew!! Then I have found a minimalist lifestyle literally cleared out tons of clutter in my brain! It has simply been amazing, and I am continuously working at it daily. Honestly, my hubby is not sure he’s married to the same girl.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is adoption, fostering, and people who just take responsibility of someone else’s kids with no help (like we did) are truly my heroes. We had no idea that we would ever be raising a stranger’s children in our home, especially ones that were extremely different in age to our own, but surprise God said, Here you go!” WOW! This has been one of the most difficult seasons in our life. The Lord has taught me so many things along the way, that I’m pretty sure I would never have learned otherwise. I have no idea what the outcome to the story will be, but I know the one who does! So, you will definitely hear stories about courageous people, on the frontlines, caring for the orphans.

I am so glad you stopped in to take a peek at my new blog. Please come back, bring your coffee, and let’s chat about all things good! I am so excited to help bring value, smiles, and encouragement into your life. You only have one life to live, so make sure you give it the best you got! I like to think my tagline is keeping it real! Please subscribe to my blog so you receive all the latest posts.

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