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God pressed on my heart that people needed to know He speaks in the everyday walk of life. Even in the most mundane task God is there, ready to teach us. This book is the journey that God has taken me on so far. It's a book about a fiery redhead that allowed God to teach her some extraordinary lessons about the one true God. It's a book about being authentic and living out His Word. Although I have a seminary degree in theology, God continues to speak the loudest in my everyday life of being a mom, wife, and children's minister. I hope that anyone who reads this book walks away knowing God wants to be in every facet of our lives, big and small. It is so humbling to know the God of the universe cares about me in such a personal way. I pray that you will allow God to permit you to become aware of the moments in your everyday life that He has ordained for His purpose. 

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