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Laundry, Laundry, Everywhere!

We have a large family four kids, and two adults. The amount of laundry that takes place in this house is honestly ridiculous. With two playing sports, a three-year-old who thinks she is a royal deity, and another who likes to see if he can get every fiber of his clothes muddy, there is a lot to do! I have tried so many ways to make laundry more time efficient, and not the biggest chore in the house. So, I researched this topic and came up with a few things that I tweaked for our family.

One of the most helpful tips, I received from a friend, was to use one type of sock per child. Now before you think I’m a little crazy here me out. If you make a specific brand or style for each child and those are the only type socks they have, then you will always have a match. We seem to have a dryer monster who eats the socks, leaving us with a whole basket of mismatched socks. So now everyone knows what their sock type is and so simple, and much faster. You can also use a mesh bag that will make sure the laundry monster never gets another sock!

Second, and this is really mostly for the littles 3 and 5 years old. I hang everything up in their closet. They have clothes that make an outfit hung on one clothes hanger. This makes things easier for two reasons; the littles can always pick out a matching outfit, and secondly when their clothes go in the wash it makes it incredibly easy to be matched and hung again, with little sorting.

Finally, since we are trying to be minimalist, we do not have a closet full of clothes. Each child has two weeks’ worth of everyday outfits, and I make sure items can be matched with other things for a different look if needed. Then they have a couple sets of nice church clothes. Now the teenage has her own thing, but she is responsible for her laundry.

So those are some of the things we do at the Guest house to make laundry not an all-day task!!

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